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Option 2: The American Accent Audio Course



Similar to option 1 (The American Pronunciation Course) presented above, the American Accent Audio Course is not fit for English learners whom just started to learn English, since it requires some basic English knowledge that they might not be familiar with. However, if you are willing to give it a try, I am absolutely positive that your English pronunciation will surpass your expectations.


The American Accent Audio Course is an incredible well-structured, cristal clear English pronunciation course, focused on the American accent (if you are look for the British accent, this course is not for you). It teaches the music (the intonation, rhythm and timing) of the language, and how that all comes together when speaking English.

This course consists of 24 audio lessons (approximately 16 hours) in mp3 format that you can download immediately after payment. You can study (listen to the audio) at your own pace, whenever and wherever you wish. Anywhere can be your classroom … while working out, jogging, cleaning the house, washing the car, commuting to work, driving a car … you decide.

It includes a complete 104 page Workbook and Awareness Journal that you can just download and print out, if you will. Otherwise, just use it on you computer, iPad2 or any other tablet you have.

If your not sure that the American Accent Audio Course is for you, give it a try with the free trail, where you can test the first lesson for free, no obligations.

Check the video below for more details on how this course works …



How much the American Accent Audio Course costs?

For the quality of the material you are getting, this is one of the best cost/benefit relations you will find in the market that will certainly help you improve your American English accent. The price for all the materials provided in this course is only $37.00!

The American Accent Audio Course is the cheapest course I have ever used to help me improve my English accent. And don’t get me wrong, the statment “you get what you pay for” does not stand for this course at all! Not only myself, but those who also used this program were amazed with the quality of the course and, most of all, the results in our English accent!

Don’t get fooled by the price, it is a very well-elaborated English course that primarily focus on the American accent. This course will not teach you anything else other then how to speak English as an American, the rest is up to you.

If you don’t believe me, just browse around, and you will figure this out by yourself.

And if by any chance you are not satisfied with this course, you are protected by the producers’ 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. If it isn’t a fit, so you have absolutely nothing to lose. No questions asked.

If you decide it is time for you to improve your English accent, I highly recommend you checking this course out by clicking on the link below …

The American Accent Audio Course.


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