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Option 1: The American Pronunciation Course


This course is not for those whom are just beginning to learn English, because it requires some previous basic English knowledge that they might not be familiar with.

The American Pronunciation Course was elaborated and structured for those that have already been studying English as a second language, but have been struggling in the area of speaking the language, one of the most difficult parts of English.

Learning the correct English pronunciation is a process, and as such, it requires time for the knowledge “settle down”, if you will. It takes time to be “digested”, and permanently “absorb” into your system.

For this reason, this course was prepared to be done over the period of 15 weeks and, during this time, you will be receiving new video and audio lessons every week, as well as weekly assignments to reinforce your learning. On average, each video lesson lasts 60 min with activities related to that specific subject to be worked on during that week at your own pace.

These task-oriented lessons with activity aiming the correct pronunciation of English words are proven to give you confidence in speaking correctly, knowing the exact pronunciation of the English words as you read/write them.

Be aware that this course focuses on the American accent, not the British accent. Despite knowing that there are many regional accents within the United States, the American Pronunciation Course was built upon pure, cristal clear correct English pronunciation, without these local, and culture influence over the English accent.

Check the video below for more details on how this course works …



How much does the American Pronunciation Course costs?

The entire course costs only $148.75, which is a very low price considering all you are getting from this course, and since the course is spread throughout several weeks in order to provide you with a regular time pace to incorporate specific American English accent knowledge, you don’t have to pay the entire course up front, but spread out biweekly according to the following schedule …

… you pay just $49.00 today and then you make 5 biweekly payments of $19.95!

If you decide it is time for you to improve your English accent, check out this efficient, and well-structured English pronunciation by clicking on the link below …

The American Pronunciation Course

If by any chance you are not satisfied with this course, you are protected by the producers’ Priority Money Back Guarantee, which grants you a full 60 days money back warranty, no questions asked procedure.


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