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Learn to speak English as an American

If you are reading this article, you were not born in an English speaking country, but you are looking for an approach to either get started on how to learn English or how to improve your English accent.

So considering that you are from a non-speaking English country, here are some common scenarios in which you could have been exposed to the English language throughout your life:

  • You’ve probably taken English classes in school for several years where you were mostly focused not in learning the language for a specific purpose, but not to flank in this discipline;
  • You might also have been enrolled in private English classes during several semesters, even completing the entire levels available;
  • You’ve been exposed to English through TV shows, movies, books, as well as over the Internet, and more.

If your in the academic realm, you know that most scientific literature is done in English, either books or articles published in scientific journals from all different areas of knowledge. If you involved in business, most of the international tradings are performed using English as the common grounds for communication. If you travel abroad, and you don’t speak the local foreign language, the most used approach to get around is start speaking in English … there is always someone who speaks English that will come into play, and help you with whatever you need.

This is the world we live in now-a-days. English is by far the most used language in the world for many different purposes such as for business, for pleasure, for diplomatic issues, for technological development, for scientific knowledge, and for whatever you might think of … if you want to be able to communicate your perception of the world, you must know how to speak English.

If you already speak English, and you are only looking for ways to improve your English accent, and reduce your native foreign accent, please check how to improve your English accent for more specific details about this subject.

Besides, if you would like to know more about which options you have the might help you learn how to speak English (or any other language you might be interested in), please check the article on the options to learn a new language.

Despite the outstanding amounts of online options that claim to teach you how to speak English, I would suggest extreme caution since many of them (not all, of course) are just baiting you in order to get your attention (and your money as well). I’m guilty of falling into many “non-suspicious” marketing traps that only led me to disappointment, anger (with myself for being so naive), and less cash in my pocket! On the other side (there has to be something good out of it), I got the experience that I now share with you.

In this article, I present one of the most efficient methods available in the market that will certainly help you achieve your goal in learning how to speak English as an American. This method is the worldwide scientifically proven approach that provides you with the tools you will need to build, within your brain, the structure to learn English as a second language … the Rosetta Stone English (American) Level 1-5 Set.

Learn to speak English with Rosetta Stone English

Learn to speak English with Rosetta Stone English (American) Level 1-5 Set


Rosetta Stone’s method is based on the recreation of the natural way you learned your first language by using what they call a “Dynamic Immersion”. This method surrounds you by your new language (no translations are presented) from core lessons to online sessions, as well as interacting you with others.

Rosetta Stone creates an environment that will allow you to discover how to read, write, speak, and understand English without translating or memorizing approaches. They claim they recreate the way we all naturally learn with an interactive software.

Rosetta Stone’s method will help you:

  • Build your vocabulary and increase your language abilities
  • Read, write, speak and understand your new language
  • Speak without a script
  • Retain what you’ve learned
  • Practice unscripted conversations in your new language
  • Discuss complex situations with confidence and accuracy
  • And more …


With its’ speech-recognition technology, you will be able to speak with confidence and with the best possible pronunciation, since you will be able to immediately match your accent with a native speaking person, and practice talking with other language learners in their online community. Rosetta Stone also has the option that will allow you to participate in online sessions coached by native tutors, which is definitely a must.

Rosetta Stone’s method definitely helps keeping you motivated by allowing you to experience accomplishment with each moment of achievement, along with success agents you will never lose sight of your language-learning goals.

In order to provide you with the best online immersion experience, Rosetta Stone covers an enormous amount of different daily activities that you could possibilly think of, such as topics related to:

  • The basics, such as age and family relations
  • Questions, greetings, introductions
  • Telling time, calendar terms, the weather
  • Directions, locations, dining out
  • Emotions, opinions, ideas
  • Political, media, business terms
  • Arranging home repairs
  • Planning to move abroad
  • Discussing the arts and tourism
  • Careers and conducting interviews
  • Problem-solving and commercial transactions
  • And more …

You must bear in mind that if you are not a rookie in English, and you have some basic or intermediate knowledge of English, you might feel as if you are wasting you time (and money!). This happens because Rosetta Stone was built to teach a new language from scratch, as if you had no previous knowledge of the language.

If you’re in this situation, I strongly suggest you not to give up and jump to more advanced levels before completing all previous basic levels. There might be information that you will need further down the more advanced stages.

So what should you do? Just move in a faster pace, but DO NOT SKIP LESSONS!! It’s that simple. By doing so, you will soon figure out your actual English level and, once you’re there, move according to your confidence.


Rosetta Stone English (American) levels 1-5


If you would like to learn English with a British accent, Rosetta Stone also has this option to offer you. It is exactly as the American version, but only with a British accent. For more details, please check Rosetta Stone English (British) Level 1-5 Set.

Rosetta Stone English (British) Levels 1-5









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