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“Pouvez-vous parler français? Si vous aviez à faire des affaires avec une société française, seriez-vous capable de leur parler au téléphone ou leur rendre visite en France? Que diriez-vous d’un voyage à profiter de la culture, le fromage et le vin dans la campagne de France? Si vous étiez à Paris, et perdu dans les rues, seriez-vous capable pour obtenir les directions à votre hôtel? Si vous étiez à visiter le louvre, seriez-vous capable de lire les messages? Si vous souhaitez faire une de ces choses, être en mesure de communiquer verbalement en français ne devrait pas être reportée.”


Just in case you found it a little difficult to understand what is written above, just read the following text …

“Can you speak French? If you had to do business with a French company, would you be able to talk to them on the phone or visit them in France? How about a trip to enjoy the culture, the cheese, and the wine in the country side of France? If you were in Paris, and lost in the streets, would you be able to get directions to your hotel? If you were to visit the Louver, would you be able to read the posts? If you would like to do any of these things, being able to verbally communicate in French should not be postponed.”


If your interested in learning french either for business purposes or for pleasure and you couldn’t understand or pronunce the above phrase in French, it is time to start thinking seriously about learning this important language.

However, before you start your French language journey, there are some milestones that you should be aware of that will definitely boost your language learning efficiency. It’s like building a house … you must have very solid foundations in order to build the house of your dreams, otherwise you could probably end up being burden by the costs (money, time, personnel, etc), changing your dreams into a nightmare.

With this mindset, I suggest that you take a look into some posts I have made available to you in order to help you become more efficient in any language learning you decide to go for:




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