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Si usted fuera a ser invitado a asistir a una reunión celebrada en español, ¿podría ser capaz de entender lo que estaba siendo discutido? Si usted fuera a hacer negocios con gente de habla hispana, ¿sería capaz de participar activamente en la conversación con el fin de obtener lo mejor de la oferta? ¿Sería capaz de viajar solo a la playa en México? ¿Y en España se dedica un mes para las vacaciones, ¿te sientes cómodo con él?

Did you understand what is written above? Could you say it out load and people would understand you? Just checking that you got it all right, here is what is written in the upper paragraph …

“If you were to be invited to attend a meeting held in Spanish, would you be able to understand what was being discussed? If you were to do business with Spanish speaking people, would you be able to actively participate on the conversation in order to get the best out of the deal? Would you be able to travel alone to a beach in Mexico? How about spend a month in Spain for vacation, would you feel comfortable with it?”

If you consider the New Continent, we are talking about North America, Central and South America. Among the countries that constitute the Americas, if you are not in the US, Canada or in Brazil, you are in a native Spanish speaking country, not to mention that you are going to come across Spanish speaking people in the US, Canada and in Brazil.

If your interested in learning Spanish either for business purposes or for pleasure and you couldn’t understand or pronounce the above phrases in Spanish, it is time to start thinking seriously about learning Spanish.

Before continuing, if you have not read the posts related to how our brain is wired for learning and basic principles to improve your accent, please do so now in order for you to increase your efficiency in learning Spanish.

Aware of all the previous discussions already presented, there are some options that will definetely help you learn how to speak Spanish as a native speaker:



Option 1: Rocket Spanish Premium


Since I always like to have a choice whenever I want to do anything and, for this reason, there is another very efficient option that certainly will help you learn how to speak Spanish …


Option 2: Rosetta Stone Spanish




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