Sergio_Figueiredo_photoThank you for visiting reduceyouraccent.org.

This websitewas originally conceived based on my personal speaking limitations in different languages.

As a university faculty from Brazil and being involved in both academic and research activities, having the skills to write and read in English and Spanish was just no enough due to my professional duties.

Verbal communication was critical in order for me to attend international meetings, sponsoring councils, estabilish partnership abroad, and to engage in a formal and informal conversations with anyone not fluent in Portuguese, my mother language.

The approaches presented here came not only from my experience, but also from colleagues and friends whom also had to verbally communicate in a language other than the one they were raised in.

In order to gather all information presented here, meetings were conducted with academic faculty members specialized in language learning and with neuroscience researchers involved in undercovering how the brain works towards acheiving preset goals. Discussions were conducted towards the following goals:

1. How can you efficiently improve your vocabulary and your accent in the language you want to become verbally fluent;

2. What are the options available for those whom cannot attend a regular course and still need/want to speak a second language and reduced the accent from their mother language;

3. Financially speaking, what are the cost/benefits of each option avaliable.

Reduceyouraccent.org presents the results of the different approaches that can effectively improve your vocabulary and your accent in a economically feasible way.

Important to mention that among all options discussed in deepth, one core requirement was always present in all approaches evaluated: no matter which method fits best your profile, the method can take you only half the way … the other half depends solely on YOU.


Figueiredo, S.A.

(PhD in Genomic Sciences and Biotechnology)

Webmaster for reduceyouraccent.org








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