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Improve your language by watching Satellite Direct TV

Once you’ve start learning a new language and getting comfortable with it, you must do as much as you can to keep what you’ve learned while improving your language skills as much as you can. Don’t get the impression (by the way … the wrong impression) that just getting through with the method you’ve chosen to learn (or improve) your foreign language is enough because it is not.

You have to keep on going, but the good news is that is gets easier once you have the foundations in place. The hard part is over, now you are in what I would call … cruise control.

Here is where you stand: you’ve done your research to find the best program (according to your means) to learn a new language, you’ve invested your time and your money, not to mention all the effort you’ve put into learning that language, so there is a lot on the table that you shouldn’t forfeit now.

What would happen if you achieved your goal of learning a new language, and you just stopped seeking progress? As in any skill you’ve ever learned so far … if you don’t practice it, the knowledge will start fading out. It’s that simple. It will come back easier once you decide to get a grip of it again, but instead of having to go through all the process again (in a faster pace, of course), wouldn’t it be better to maintain what you’ve learn?

Does this mean you should keep enrolled in the language learning method forever? No, this is absolutely not what I am talking about here. You might WANT to go back to certain points in order to strengthen some specific language aspect, but you shouldn’t have to do so. There are many different approaches to help you maintain your language skills with much less effort than you had to put into it in the beginning.

So what can you do to avoid losing your language skills while keep improving your language knowledge?

If I told you to grab a language grammar and study it, you would give up right away, besides wanting to kill me!!!

Don’t get me wrong here: having a grammar it actually a great thing to have as a reference to which you should check every time you needed to, but not to read it as a book. If you do so, you will get so bored that you will lose the most important aspects that led you up to this point … enthusiasm and motivation. Don’t give up on these two core foundations of learning a new language.

So what can you do? My answer is … watch TV!! And I’m not kidding here … yes, watch TV.

We all watch TV for many different reasons and we do so because …

  • It is fun and interesting;
  • It requires very little personal effort to do so;
  • It entertains, informs, challenges and more;
  • It keeps you updated with what is going around in your neighborhood, your city, your country and around the world.


In this fast track world we live in, with the push of a button, you have right in front of you tons of information that’s just a click away.

So why not have fun while improving our language skills? Why not use a TV to keep your language improvement on the go while enjoying it along the way? It is a very efficient way to keep training the new language you are trying to communicate within.

Let me iron some points here in order to be very clear. Everybody uses TV (at least most of the people that have access to this communication revenue) everyday in order to keep updated with the weather, finances, news, entertainment, relaxation, education, marketing and anything you might think of, so why not use TV to “immerse” yourself in any specific foreign language? You will learn an enormous amount of new words, the correct pronunciation, you will learn the accent, the culture, and more.

Although you might not be training you speaking skills while watching TV, there are many benefits of watching TV programs in the foreign language you are learning, such as:

  • Learn new words
  • Train your listening abilities
  • Work on your language comprehension


… all these issues will boost your language knowledge and, once you need to speak aloud … all you’ll need is already there!

OK, let’s say for the moment that you agree with my statements, and that all the arguments I presented make sense, but let’s bring this to the real world … how would you implement this if you decided to go for it?

Here are some scenarios you might be facing at this point:

Situation 1: You live in the US, you speak English, and you want to learn Spanish

Either if you only use free TV, you’ll probably still have some Spanish speaking channels to tune into in order to practice your Spanish OR you have paid TV (satellite dish or cable) for which you pay monthly stipends that have some Spanish channels as well. But what if you want to speak another language such as, for example, French. In this case, forget about free broad-casted TV channels because there is none. Your only option would be paid TV for which you would have to pay more (much more!) in order to have the international channels package, and you will probably find ONE French channel (whether you like it or not, you have no choice other than stick with this single channel). But what if you want to learn a not so common language, you would be out of luck … sorry, not even paid TV would be an option, regardless of the price you would be willing to pay. What could you do about it now? Nothing … until now. Keep on reading …


Situation 2: You live in a non-speaking English country, and you would like to learn/improve your English accent, for example.

Forget about free TV, there is no English speaking channel available through this option in the majority of the TV channels around the world (if you don’t believe me, do some research over the Internet, and you will realize this truth). If you have the option, you would have to go for paid TV channels which are expensive. But let’s say you can afford it, you would certainly find many English speaking channels but what if you wanted to learn another language not so common, what would you do if the paid TV didn’t have it in their channel list? Nothing … until now. Keep on reading …



So we face two situations here: free TV does not have any XYZ speaking channel, and paid TV has it, but it is too expensive, and you don’t want to spend so much money (and they are very expensive … look into it with you paid TV server website, look for the prices they charge for different channel packages, look for those including the international channels, and you will know what I am talking about) … OR even your paid TV server doesn’t provide the XYZ channel that broadcasts in the language you are trying to improve, what now?

We are stuck here, right? Wrong … you still have another option which is becoming now-a-days very popular, and with whom the paid TV servers are bravely fighting against using all the power they have (and they have a lot of ammunition!).

I’m talking about Satellite Direct TV on your computer. Let me ask you a few questions here …

  • Have you ever heard about Satellite Direct TV on your computer?
  • Do you have any clues what is Satellite Direct TV, and how it works?
  • Do you have any idea how much Satellite Direct TV costs compared to the traditional paid TV providers (cable and dish TV)?
  • Did you know that Satellite Direct TV  has no monthly stipends?
  • Did you know that you can hook the Satellite Direct TV from your computer to your TV set so you can watch it as a regular TV?
















Do you want to hear more about Satellite Direct to watch TV channels on your computer? I believe so … and I am here to provide you with these information.

If you haven’t heard about Satellite Direct TV, it’s OK … that is exactly what the paid TV providers wants to you to know … nothing at all!!!

Why would the paid TV servers work so hard on trying to avoid any kind of advertisement around Satellite Direct TV? The answer is very simple … they know this is the future of TV and, now-a-days, even the companies that produce TVs units (Sony, Samsung, and Panasonic, just to mention a few of them) are setting up their TV models to hook up directly to the Internet due to the demand for cheaper TV channels.


What is Satellite Direct TV after all?

Satellite Direct is software that allows you to watch more then 3500 channels over the Internet.

Satellite Direct TV is different than any other paid TV server out there is this market niche because, with Satellite Direct TV you won’t need for any cable, receiver, dish, technical support for installation or any thing like that … all you need your PC/Laptop/Mobile Phone and an Internet connection.

If your TV is connected to your video card’s TV-out port, then you can use Satellite Direct and stream the TV channels onto your TV. Satellite Direct provides you with totally unlimited access to a large variety of TV shows from all over the world, including premium movie channels, hundreds of sports channels and international television shows.


Compare regular satellite/cable TV and Satellite Direct TV

Let me present with a chart point out a comparison between regular satellite/cable TV and Satellite Direct TV …


  Regular Satellite/Cable TV

Satellite Direct TV

Installation Requires a technician Easy & fast setup done by you
Availability Limited access in certain areas Worldwide availability – all you need is an Internet connection
Equipment Requires a satellite/cable box Only your computer – no extra hardware
Content Around 150 channels Over 3,500 channels worldwide
Cost Installation fees & monthly fees over $100.00 One single low payment when you buy it & no monthly fee with unlimited usage


But what if you want to use it on your regular TV, could you? The answer is YES! You can use it on your regular TV! It is not complicated at all, and even newbies can do it. All you need to do is connect your computer to your TV using the proper connection (see your computer and your TV to know which connections are available) and, for this, if you don’t have this cable already, you will need to buy it to use this option of watching Satellite Direct straight on your TV set. Satellite Direct TV explains in details exactly how to do so. If you ever used a projector hooked up to your computer, it’s nothing more than that.

How many languages are available through Satellite Direct TV?

If you have free TV (meaning you use either internal or external antenna to pick up the signals), you have very little number of channels to go through. But if you have paid TV (satellite or cable TV), do you know how many channels to you have at your fingertips? Depending on your package, up to 150 channels on average and, among these, how many language can you scan through? Less than 10 channels, on average. Depending on your TV provider, you might have to pay for each single international channel you want.

Do you know how many languages/countries are available to you through Satellite Direct TV? Take a look at the chart below just to have an idea …






Do you think you need more languages?


How much does Satellite Direct TV costs?

Besides the enormous amount of national and international high quality channels available to you with Satellite Direct TV, and the simplicity of the installation, the best of all is the price … very low price compared to any other paid TV option you’ve ever came across.

All you need is one single payment of $49.95 for the software and your done … nothing else!

No way, you might be saying!! Yes, that’s all. No installation fees, no monthly fees, nothing else!! You don’t even need to have the software sent to your address in order for you to install in on your computer … you can INSTANTLY download it once purchased, install, and start using it right away.

The only limitation is your Internet connection broadcasting speed. In order to take the most out of it, you should have a fast connection, and that is all. Besides, you can use any Internet provider you wish since it makes no difference which one you choose. The only technical issue to keep your eyes on is the connection speed.

I doubt it myself UNTIL I bought it!!


My experience with Satellite Direct TV, the real deal …

With all that being said, you now have in your hands a powerful tool that will help you keep improving your language skills in any language you want … you will improve your vocabulary, your language comprehension, you will learn the correct accents, slangs,  have fun along the way, and even save money!! Isn’t this great?

If you do more research over the Internet, you’re going to find some marketing advertisements like the following statement: “…There are many people whom are cancelling their satellite/cable paid TV packages, and switching to Satellite Direct TV just for the quality and financial benefits it provides to anyone with an Internet connection.”

Seems promising, right? Well, not so fast.

As I told you, since I am personally involved in learning languages, I bought Satellite Direct TV for myself, and I want to share with you what you’ll get with it. Here are my impressions about Satellite Direct TV:


Positive points:

  • It is extremely easy to buy (why wouldn’t it, right?), and to have it installed in your computer/laptop. It can be done in less than 5 minutes from the moment you buy it to the point you have it installed and start using it.
  • Once you buy it, you’ll receive an activation code that will allow it to work on your computer/laptop, but be aware that you can only have one activation code per computer/laptop. There is only one activation code per purchase, so be aware about where you want to use it.
  • No hassles at all, no need for any equipment other than you computer/laptop (no boxes, no cables, nothing!), and extra charge!! It is a true deal for the price I paid.
  • Besides having access to an enormous amount of TV channels, you’ll also have access to radio stations as well.
  • Very simple to use: just choose the country, and it shows all the channels available within that country. All you have to do is just click on the TV channel you’d like to watch, and your good to go.
  • As there are so many TV channels, you can make your “Favorite list” in order to avoid browsing all over again to find the channel you would like to see again (great time saving feature).
  • Even though you’ll find a specific link to “Movies” and “Premium channels”, you can only have access to them by paying for these accesses. I don’t know if it is worth it or not, since there are so many channels already available for no extra charge that I’ll leave this up to you figure it out.
  • I have a wireless network connection at home, and the I did not have any problems with the video streaming at all.


As you could expect, there is always a downside for everything, and Satellite Direct TV is not an exception, so let’s check the other side of this coin …


Negative points:

  • Satellite Direct claims it has over 3,500 channels and, in the country list, you’ll find a detailed number of channels per country. That list is not updated and, in many cases, for example, instead of finding like 150 channels in a country as claimed, there is around 100-120 channels. It is still a lot of channels, but it is less than they claim. I can live with that, so this is not a big a deal at all … there are plenty of channels still available to you.
  • Although Satellite Direct claims it is HD (high definition), most of the channels ARE NOT HD! I didn’t browse the entire list of channels, but from my sampling, there are very few HD channels (they are identified as HD). The vast majority are not HD, and if you go for the full screen, you’ll lose resolution. If you are used to HD (we all are, aren’t we?), it becomes disappointing.
  • Not all channels are alive: for me this was the biggest drawback. In my experience, I browsed Portugese channels (from Brazil), English (from US and from Great Britain), Spanish, Turkish, and Korean, among a few others. I chose based on the raking that comes in front of the channel: a star. The more filled the star is, the more access that channel has. I would say that around 80% of the times, I was able to watch the channel; the other 20%, the channel was unavailable for watching. But in all the countries I browsed, I was able to watch news and some entertaining channels, which I found great because, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to see them at all!
  • In some channels (not in all), as soon I clicked on it to open, in some cases it popped-up a short advertisement window in the middle of the screen. Although I could close it easily, it was just annoying! I just hate (sorry for the honesty) unwanted advertisements!!!!


I did some research, and what Satellite Direct TV actually does is that it is a software that browses the Internet and filters ALL TV streaming videos available at that moment. They were clear in claiming that they to not host any of those channels, which I think was very honest.

Just think about it for a moment: if you have a paid TV (satellite or cable), that costs so much to be broad casted, why would they give it all up for free? Makes no sense at all. From my point of view, the statements that “people are giving up their paid TV for Satellite Direct TV” is misleading. There is a long road ahead before this becomes a reality.



How can Satellite Direct help you learn languages?

So let’s sum this up with a very simple question you might ask me: “Is it worth buying Satellite Direct TV?” The answer is YES, it ‘s worth buying Satellite Direct TV because you will definitely have access to many TV channels in many different languages. It will allow you to keep improving your vocabulary and your accent in whatever language you want. Without Satellite Direct TV you wouldn’t have access to them at all!

You want an English speaking channel? American or British English? Just browse the channels’ list, chose the best that are actually working, make you favorite list, and just enjoy this language learning experience.

Interested in Spanish? From which country? Spain, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina? Although they all speak Spanish, they have different accents for different words, did you know that? Well, just choose the country, and learn the language as it is spoken there.

Want to learn Chinese (Mandarin) or Cantones (which is spoken in parts of China)? Want to learn Arabic languages? Polish? Ukraine? Portuguese (from Brazil or from Portugal)? It is just a click away from your fingers. But you’ll have to filter out the junk channels, and make your favorite list.

As I previously said, for the price you are paying, it is a great deal!


Buy Satellite Direct TV for less than announced!

OK, you’ve decided to give it a try, and boost your language skills with this product, but I still have a last inside hint for you … here’s the deal: if you click on the following link buy Satellite Direct TV, you will be prompt to the page where it is actually sold, BUT DO NOT BUY IT!!!

You might think I am crazy, but bear with me here … once you are on the Satellite Direct TV page, at the bottom there is a link saying “download now” that will prompt you to the billing page, from where you can buy it for the advertised price of $49.95, as I previously mentioned to you. But what if I told you that you could purchase this same product on this very same page for only $29.95?!

Would you be willing to pay $49.95 or save some money and pay only $29.95 for the same product? There is no link there with this offer, so how could you save $20.00? I’m not crazy, I just want to share with you what I did, which is very, very simple. Here is the “money saving miracle” that no one wants you to know … just follow my lead, and see it for yourself:

  • Click on the following link buy Satellite Direct TV, and you will be directed to the product’s page.
  • If you scroll down the Satellite Direct TV page, you will see the link to buy it stated “Download Now” … DO NOT CLICK ON IT!!!
  • Instead of buying it now, click the backwards arrow to LEAVE THE PAGE, returning to my site. When you do so, a window will prompt right in front of your eyes stating “CAN WE OFFER YOU A DISCOUNT?”, as if there was actually a attendant there watching you browse through their page, and doesn’t want you to leave without a deal.
  • Type anything you want, the chatting box is fake anyway so don’t even bother writing anything seriously … just type any letter, and click “Send”.
  • “Anna” (the attendant) who is very worried to not let you go without setting a deal (sorry for the irony … I just hate fake stuff!!), will reply with a link saying something like this “… limited promotion … CLICK HERE”. Yes, that is what we are looking for … the promotional link!!
  • Just click on that link “Anna” gave you, and you will be prompted to the same buying page you would have gone if you were to buy it for $49.95, but only now the price is only $29.95!! Not a bad deal at all.


The rest of the story, I already told you.

So if you are interested in having all these benefits to yourself, and keep on with your language learning efforts, just click on buy Satellite Direct TV, but do as I taught you to do in order to save you some money as well, and enjoy the ride.








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